- The first time I created a clothing part, it was truly a nightmarish experience. Layer management for SV made me want to go crazy. Unexperience made me redo again and again. The way Photoshop handles copy and paste and opacity made a mess of the recolor c masks. It took me about 2-3 days to create a front hair, a weak to create a rear hair, but it took me an entire month to create a set of clothes (´ヘ`;)

- After a day struggling with setting up the contact module, I give up! I'll just create a thread at the rpgmakerweb forum and use it as contact form instead  ╮(╯▽╰)╭ 

- It's nightmare to design on a slow laptop, especially when the psd file contains hundreds of layers. The circle of the pen and eraser doesn't appear. The mouse moves, but drawing color appears several seconds later. Thinking you draw a curve, and it turns out that you draw a line... (~ ̄_ ̄)~

- I tend to put many parts on one file as layer groups. The most horrible thing I encountered while drawing parts was when I resized design file down to the Generator size and saved the smaller resolution by mistake. Thought "no need to worry, I can still undo", but no, I used the Rectangular Marquee Tool to select and unselect too much, they took all slots for undo actions...  \ (+_+) /  Why Photoshop, I didn't even make a single change...