I bought RPG Maker MV with the full intention of creating a game, which had been my long-time wish since I was small. And yet, after trying the charactor generator function, for some reason, I become more caught up with it than the game I was supposed to do @_@

Don't even know when will I return to that game...

I'm mostly focused on hairs and accessories. 

I'm not really interested in female characters, while for the game "in my head", there are many situations where male characters crossdress as female, so most of my hairs and accessories are for male and female, even the feminine ones. 

Currently, on my collection, there are:

- 4 Male face sets. 

- 14 Front Hair parts.

- 6 Rear Hair parts.

- 20 Mouth parts.

- 10 Ear parts.

- 7 Accessory parts.

- 1 Clothing set.

New Updates

22/03/2020 - Front Hair 1509 - 1512

Adding 4 Front Hairs, p1509 & p1511 has all three version. p1510 & p1512 is for Male & Female.

04/03/2020 - FrontHair 1508

Adding a front hair for male, female &kid.

01/03/2020 - FrontHair 1507

Adding a front hair for male, female &kid.

28/02/2020 - Clothing 1501 - 1505

Adding a Clothing set for Male, from p1501 to p1505.

06/02/2020 - Face Set 004

Adding a new face shape for male.

02/02/2020 - Eye 01 - Style 2 & 3

Adding 2 pupil styles for eye form 01 (Male).